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This is a site where warrior fans can rp as warriors in the warrior books or amke their own
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 My warrior cats

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My warrior cats Empty
PostSubject: My warrior cats   My warrior cats Icon_minitimeTue Oct 25, 2011 4:26 pm

Name: SparckleStar (if posabile I'm very active)
Clan: Riverclan or thunderclan (not sure what if one has leader)
Rank: leader if not warrior
Pelt Color:Brown with yellow specks all over
Markings:she has a star on the tip of her tail
Eye color:crystal blue
Strenghts:fast and ferice she is a great swimmer but yet she can see great at night
Weaknesses:when she feels everything is wrong and also if a large cat pins her
Personality:calm and kind well mostly anyway she can be very freice if u hurt her clan
Pics:(I'm on phone so I can't)

Name: AshFire
Clan: Riverclan (or thunderclan what ever one sparkle is I'n)
Rank: warrior
Pelt Color:gray with a few red patches
Eye color:green
Strenghts:strength and smarts
Weaknesses:love, and cats out thinking
Personatly:very ferice I whould watch out shadowclan

Name: FallenSoul
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: warrior
Pelt Color:brown
Eye color:crystal blue
Strenghts:very fast and great swimmer
Personatly:kind and caring but yet mean at times

I hope these r good if not I'll change it and also if any clan really needs a med cat but no one whants to be one I'll be a med cat I know all the herbs by heart

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My warrior cats
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