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This is a site where warrior fans can rp as warriors in the warrior books or amke their own
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 Watching the falls. (Anyone from Riverclan may join me.)

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PostSubject: Watching the falls. (Anyone from Riverclan may join me.)   Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:15 pm

I just made three new cats if anyone is wondering. XP)

Whitetail sat beside her sister and brother. They where new to camp and where slightly bored. Since they where new. There was nothing too do. Plus they have not met anyone yet. "I'm so bored!" Whitetail wined. "Same here." Icetalon agreed letting his claws slide in and out of his paws scratching the earth beneath him. Roseclaw nods. "Yes. I am bored too. I do hope we meet some cat or whatever."
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Watching the falls. (Anyone from Riverclan may join me.)
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