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This is a site where warrior fans can rp as warriors in the warrior books or amke their own
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 Whitetail, Roseclaw and Icetalon

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Whitetail, Roseclaw and Icetalon Empty
PostSubject: Whitetail, Roseclaw and Icetalon   Whitetail, Roseclaw and Icetalon Icon_minitimeFri Sep 16, 2011 10:32 am

Name: Icetalon
Clan: Riverclan
Gender: Tom
Rank: warrior
Pelt Color: white
Markings: None
Eye color: Blue
Strenghts: swimming
Weaknesses: Running on mud
Personality: Kind,careing,stubborn,very brave, strong willed.
Pics: Whitetail, Roseclaw and Icetalon 2186870909_170b2fe375

Name: Whitetail
Clan: Riverclan
Gender: She-cat
Pelt Color: White
Markings: 3 scar on her left ear
Eye color: bright blue
Strenghts: Tracking, hunting
Weaknesses: Her past
Personality: Kind,careing,very stubborn,never gives up.
Pics: Whitetail, Roseclaw and Icetalon Whitetail_warrior_cat_by_whitetail205

Name: Roseclaw
Clan: Riverclan
Gender: Shecat
Rank: warrior
Pelt Color: white
Markings: Blue stripes. Blue tip paws,tail and ears
Eye color: Bright green
Strenghts: swimming,herbs
Weaknesses: Feeling like she done something wrong
Personality: Kind,careing,stubborn,shy,wise,sweet
Pics: Whitetail, Roseclaw and Icetalon 2lo0nz9
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Whitetail, Roseclaw and Icetalon
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