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This is a site where warrior fans can rp as warriors in the warrior books or amke their own
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 My two lovely Cats

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PostSubject: My two lovely Cats   Thu May 19, 2011 10:04 am

Name: Brightkit
Clan: Thunderclan
Gender: Tom
Rank: kit
Pelt Color: Black
Markings: White paws and a white "diamond" on his left ear, Scar over his right eye
Eye color: Blue
Strenghts: Scents, swimming, light on his feet
Weaknesses: Climbing trees
Personality: He's cold to most other cats, liking to spend time by himself. But once he accepts the trust and friendship of other kits, he opens up a little bit more.
Pics: None.

Name: Obsidian
Clan: Loner
Gender: She-cat
Pelt Color: Black
Markings: None
Eye color: Yellow
Strenghts: Tracking, hunting
Weaknesses: Can't take care of kits
Personality: A very Tomish little girl, she loves to hunt and chill with most of the Toms.
Pics: None
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My two lovely Cats
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