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 Help to medicine cats

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Help to medicine cats Empty
PostSubject: Help to medicine cats   Help to medicine cats Icon_minitimeMon Nov 09, 2009 3:42 pm

Medicine cats will meet in moonstone time they need to share tongues with starclan. Medicine acts must follow the wrrior code to all though they may cross lands to get to moon stone they may not take prey. Below are herbs that may be useful to medicine cats.

Poppy seeds-Make a cat sleepy and eases pain

Cobwebs-Used on wounds to stop bleeding

Feverfew-Used to cool down fever and helps with head pain

Boarge leaves-Help fevers and used to help queens produce milk

Dock leaves-Very slippery, used to smooth scratches, makes a good vommiting surface

Marigold-Treats infection and used on wounds and sores

Horsetail-Treats infected wounds

Burdock Root-Used to treat infections, espicially good for rat bites

Chevil-Used to treat infection

Wild Garlic-Roll in this to keep out infection

Coltsfoot-Good for treating kitten cough

Catnip/Catmint-Used in Green Cough and White Cough situations

Tansey-Used to treat coughs

Thyme-Can calm a cat

Dandilion leaves-helps to calm a cat

Juniper-Can cure bellyache and used to give strenth to recovering cat

Watermint-Treats bellyaches

Daisy leaves-Helps aching joints

Goldenrod-Used in a pollituce to help aching joints and severe scratches

Comfry-Can treat broken bones

Nettele leaves-Treats Swelling

Wild Basil-Cures paw problems

Celindene-Treats eye ailments

Nettle seeds-Counters poisin

Mousbile-Removes ticks from a cat's pelt

Yarrow-Used to cure poisins by vomitting

Deathberries-Can kill a cat if not removed from the cats body by using Yarrow
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Help to medicine cats
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